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Discover the recipes of the restaurants awarded by I love Italian food, a network and a non-profit cultural association that promotes and defends the real made in Italy agribusiness in the world. In a few simple steps you will unearth your cooking skills and create dishes that will surely amaze you and everyone around you.

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Focaccia made in house with Mortadella Bologna PGI and Scamorza Cheese


-  Slice the focaccia while it’s hot, and fresh
-  Smooth mayonnaise on the top half
-  Layer scamorza cheese on the bottom half
-  Arrange Mortadella Bologna PGI over the scamorza
-  Place a handful of arugula over the Mortadella Bologna PGI
-  Sprinkle salt, freshly cracked black pepper, and grated cheese
-  Drizzle fresh EVOO
-  Close the bread, cut, and serve

Pizza Generale


-    Coat the pizza dough in semolina rimacinata flour
-    Stretch out the dough to make the pizza shape
-    Sprinkle chopped mozzarella fior di latte over the dough
-    Cook in the oven until golden brown
-    Top with sliced Mortadella Bologna PGI
-    Dollop pistachio and ricotta cream
-    Sprinkle crushed pistachio over the entire pizza
-    Garnish with fresh basil, and freshly cracked black pepper

Rigatoni all' Arrabbiata


- Slice Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora DOP, and then slice each piece into strips.
- Slice the Treviso Radicchio into thin strips
- Cube the Scamorza cheese
- In a hot pan, lightly sauté minced garlic in EVOO
- Add the sliced cotechino to the pan with the garlic, and cook until only slightly crispy
- Add 1-2 ladles of tomato sauce to the pan and let cook, stirring occasionally
- Drop the pasta into salted, boiling water to cook for about 8-10 minutes or until “al dente”
- Drain the pasta, and add it to the pan with the sauce and cotechino
- Add the sliced radicchio and scamorza cheese to the pan with pure olive oil, and mix together in the pan
- Serve hot garnished with fresh minced parsley

Ravioli del Plin filled with Cotechino Modena PGI over Montepulciano wine and Radicchio sauce, lentils from S. Stefano of Sessanio and Scranno pecorino cream



Cotechino Modena PGI Lasagna



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